Monday, September 2, 2013

email to Dad 8/19/13

8/19/13 to Dad
Hello! I was not transferred. I will explain more in mom's email because I don't want to write it twice. We were supposed to have a baptism yesterday, but it didn't work out. It was for Ashley. Hopefully this Saturday will be the day. I did not take any pictures this week! Yum Lasagna. 
We sometimes talk to some people who have false understandings about the church and like to tell us we are wrong. This usually doesn't bother me and I just shrug it off. This past week though it happened twice and the whole time I was just getting madder and madder while they were talking at us. I guess because I know they are wrong and they aren't even in a place in their life where they are willing to listen and know that it’s true. I keep my cool though so don't worry. I just need to love them more. 
Father. High blood pressure is not good. I recommend smaller portions and exercise daily. 
Oh wait I do too have pictures I forgot! 
Lamar is getting baptized next Sunday. He committed to live the word of wisdom and is awesome. He has been so prepared by the Lord it is amazing! 
Love you!
Elder Alpin

Hello my youngest offspring!

hoping this email finds you of good cheer and happy in your current station of life, excited to see if you were transferred or not.  It sounds like you are making some friends with investigators; did you have any baptisms in the past week?  did you take any new pictures?  Love the pictures, send some of your living quarters and of the family you live with...include names, of course.  it is a beautiful day here in the northern Midwest and we are headed to the Campbell's today, Mom made Lasagna to take for dinner along with a nice salad...and I mean nice!  And of course the garlic bread, if that does not put me in a sleep coma, then it's hard to say what will!

Picking up my little glucometer today for testing my sugar, went for a physical last week and it was too high, also doing a sleep apnea study on Thursday night, to see if I stop breathing during the night.  The issue with stopped breathing is that oxygen is not getting to the brain and then I wake up...this causes many issues including high blood pressure.  Other than these 3 things (which are biggies) and of course the larger than normal spare tire thing going on, the doctor was quite surprised at how well all of my blood tests were for everything, diet change, exercise and more letters to home from you...ha...really, your mom loves your letters so much, she has such a great need to connect with you and the detailed emails and letters really make her day and week!



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