Monday, September 2, 2013

email & pictures to Mom 9/2/13


This week has been great.
Monday we went with LaMar to Temple Square. We had a training on Wednesday. It was good. We talked a little bit about pride. Normally we think of pride as if we are thinking we are better than people, but it's also if we are just focused on ourselves. That could mean putting yourself down all the time and constantly thinking about yourself in that way. That is the one I struggle with. Either way we are putting the focus on ourselves when we should be focused on helping others.
We had the hardest time meeting with Ashley the like two weeks ago because they are never home. we went over Thursday and talked with her and committed her to be baptized Saturday. So Friday she had her baptismal interview and Saturday she was baptized. It happened so quickly. I'm still shocked that she showed up on Friday and Saturday. It was a miracle for sure. LaMar also got baptized on Saturday. I love him. His example is so great. He had three of his kids there who aren't members. We are teaching one of them named LaMar JR AKA Buzz. He is setting such a good example for them. His baptism was a miracle as well. He had been smoking for 53 years and quite in two weeks and is committed to keeping it that way.
This week we had a goal as a district to find 10 new investigators. As a companionship we wanted to find four. Yesterday night it was 8:50and we had only found 3. We only had ten more minutes before we had to be in. We were so determined to find that one! We were talking to everyone we saw. We tried one more place and talked with Casey. We taught him for five minutes and set up a return appointment. We found our fourth investigator! It just strengthens my testimony that if you have a mindset to find and reach your goals, then it is possible. God performs miracles. As a district we ended up finding 11 new investigators for the week. We are having an ice cream party today because of it. Woo hoo! 
Yesterday I went to the 5th ward sacrament meeting. Every testimony was so beautiful. Sister Johnson got up and bore her testimony. She has a son in Costa Rica on a mission. She talked about how he has grown so much. It got me thinking How have a I grown so far? I pondered on that during the meeting. The spirit was so strong. I looked around and saw the Sampsons, the Kellys, the Monys, and Carstens, all of these people in the ward I've come to know. I was thinking about LaMar and Ashley being baptized just the day before. Then it hit me how I've grown. I never knew I could love like this. I never thought I could have such a great love for so many people. Do you know when people talk about there ward families? We have that times 5. Plus all the people we get to teach and baptize. So much love. I love it. 
Elder Tritapoe. Don't worry no one else can seem to get his name right either. He is doing better. We like to rap when we walk around. Yes we've been walking because yes my tire got another flat. He is a lot better at rapping and rhyming than me though. 
Tell everyone I say Hello and love them!!
I have lots of pictures for you this week! Enjoy
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!! 24 YEARS! WHOA. That is amazing. An eternity to go! Sorry I can't be there to celebrate. Well I guess we are kind of because we are having an ice cream party. Just for you two! 
1- Lamar and his three kids
2&3-Us and Lamar
4-Ashley, her dad, sisters, and brother.
5-Ashley and us.

These are from when I was in South Jordan and we went to the Draper temple. It is me, Elder Viquerra, Sister Leavitt, sister Sparish, Elder Weight, and Elder Binger. I just got these from Sister Leavitt because she was a visa waiter and finally went to Argentina and so could now email them to me. 

The third one is from Matt Minauga's baptism back in June that I was able to go back and see. It is Elder Beagly and Elder Weight

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  1. wooo hooo we made the blog! I love our 5th ward family! -Sister Carstens