Tuesday, September 10, 2013

email to Dad 9/9/13

Hello dad! 

I know what you mean. When it comes time to write I can never think of things to write! 
25 pounds! Holy cow. That is awesome! I am so proud of you. 
I forgot to put the apartment number on it!? Oops! Hey how is the moving/job situation going? I realized yesterday I need to study the New Testament more. 
Ether 12:12 I want on the Plaque. 
Church yesterday was good. 
Love you
Elder Alpin

Hello Elder Elphin,
Hoping that this day finds you happy and healthy! It seems like during the week I find myself saying...oh, I want to tell Matt this or that but when it comes time to write...I don't remember this or that...so today I will write about thus and so!
Yes, we did go to church yesterday, stayed for sacrament only because mom was having terrible cramps. Sister Stephanie Terry gave the most incredible talk on self reliance, then when it was time for closing hymn I could not sing because the Spirit was so strong! Yes, and our 3 Elders sang with Brother Rawlin's, it was good. Joined a health club with a pool, have been once, going again today! Walking everyday, eating lots of good food and loosing inches and about 25 pounds so far. Put on dress pants yesterday for church that I have not worn in months...it felt good!
Oh, we got your anniversary letter addressed to mom and dad with no apt number or name on it...ha! The mail man must like us, thanks for putting your return name on it! Still listening to old testament, now about half way through Judges...so different than BOM.
IMPORTANT...what is your favorite scripture that you want on your missionary plaque? Excited for Katie and her mission call.

Send pictures...love...Dad

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