Tuesday, September 10, 2013

email to Mom 9/9/13

Hey there!

Lamar enjoyed temple square for sure. I think she leaves in November? I do have to buy new tires anyway because these ones are already getting worn out. I've only been using it for like 4 months. Darn Wal-Mart bikes. I also have to get another part on my bike fixed before it breaks all the way. I don't know how much it will cost, but won’t get it fixed till next week. I don't know how much is on my chemical bank card, but hopefully it won't be too expensive. Yes Elder Tritapoe has a bike. We were walking like all week because I didn't get my tire fixed until Friday. This week the phone fell out of my pocket when we were sitting down in someone’s house. We were like half way across the stake when I realized it and had to walk ALL the way back to the house we were at before. It was a waste of time for sure. Then the same thing happened again last night. We had to back track to like three different houses before we found it. Tell Grandma to get better--none of this sick stuff!

That is awesome you get to go to General Conference! Is this the first time for you guys? We request the one that we want to go to and a back up if we don't get that one, but sometimes you don't get either of those. I'll just request the Sunday ones. Hopefully I don't see you guys. I love you, but that would be too difficult and distracting. Ha-ha mom you don't have to call the mission president and tell him your coming. I hope you guys have a wonderful time. Our stake conference is this coming up weekend. Well actually it's like a regional conference, so multiple stakes. They chose some of the stakes from the region to go to the conference center on Sunday. Boyd K. Packard is presiding. We aren't allowed to go to it though. I wish we could. Are you going to see Jenny while your here?

On Thursday we planned to go by 5517 Baliff Drive. We came to the house and I recognized that it was the Smith's. They are active members and are getting ready to move to Michigan on Saturday. She is originally from Michigan. Her parents live near the temple. We couldn't remember why we had written them down. We figured we were already there so we should knock on the door. He invited us in. We asked if there was anything we could do for him. He told us he had wanted a priesthood blessing for the past week, but didn't want to ask for one. We gave him a blessing. It was an awesome experience. I defiantly believe we were guided by the Spirit there. 

This week was kind of a struggle with meeting with people. Java and Casey both work until really late and it is hard to catch them. 

I love you family. I'm glad you are all doing well. Enjoy your week.


Elder Alpin

email to Dad 9/9/13

Hello dad! 

I know what you mean. When it comes time to write I can never think of things to write! 
25 pounds! Holy cow. That is awesome! I am so proud of you. 
I forgot to put the apartment number on it!? Oops! Hey how is the moving/job situation going? I realized yesterday I need to study the New Testament more. 
Ether 12:12 I want on the Plaque. 
Church yesterday was good. 
Love you
Elder Alpin

Hello Elder Elphin,
Hoping that this day finds you happy and healthy! It seems like during the week I find myself saying...oh, I want to tell Matt this or that but when it comes time to write...I don't remember this or that...so today I will write about thus and so!
Yes, we did go to church yesterday, stayed for sacrament only because mom was having terrible cramps. Sister Stephanie Terry gave the most incredible talk on self reliance, then when it was time for closing hymn I could not sing because the Spirit was so strong! Yes, and our 3 Elders sang with Brother Rawlin's, it was good. Joined a health club with a pool, have been once, going again today! Walking everyday, eating lots of good food and loosing inches and about 25 pounds so far. Put on dress pants yesterday for church that I have not worn in months...it felt good!
Oh, we got your anniversary letter addressed to mom and dad with no apt number or name on it...ha! The mail man must like us, thanks for putting your return name on it! Still listening to old testament, now about half way through Judges...so different than BOM.
IMPORTANT...what is your favorite scripture that you want on your missionary plaque? Excited for Katie and her mission call.

Send pictures...love...Dad

Monday, September 2, 2013

email & pictures to Mom 9/2/13


This week has been great.
Monday we went with LaMar to Temple Square. We had a training on Wednesday. It was good. We talked a little bit about pride. Normally we think of pride as if we are thinking we are better than people, but it's also if we are just focused on ourselves. That could mean putting yourself down all the time and constantly thinking about yourself in that way. That is the one I struggle with. Either way we are putting the focus on ourselves when we should be focused on helping others.
We had the hardest time meeting with Ashley the like two weeks ago because they are never home. we went over Thursday and talked with her and committed her to be baptized Saturday. So Friday she had her baptismal interview and Saturday she was baptized. It happened so quickly. I'm still shocked that she showed up on Friday and Saturday. It was a miracle for sure. LaMar also got baptized on Saturday. I love him. His example is so great. He had three of his kids there who aren't members. We are teaching one of them named LaMar JR AKA Buzz. He is setting such a good example for them. His baptism was a miracle as well. He had been smoking for 53 years and quite in two weeks and is committed to keeping it that way.
This week we had a goal as a district to find 10 new investigators. As a companionship we wanted to find four. Yesterday night it was 8:50and we had only found 3. We only had ten more minutes before we had to be in. We were so determined to find that one! We were talking to everyone we saw. We tried one more place and talked with Casey. We taught him for five minutes and set up a return appointment. We found our fourth investigator! It just strengthens my testimony that if you have a mindset to find and reach your goals, then it is possible. God performs miracles. As a district we ended up finding 11 new investigators for the week. We are having an ice cream party today because of it. Woo hoo! 
Yesterday I went to the 5th ward sacrament meeting. Every testimony was so beautiful. Sister Johnson got up and bore her testimony. She has a son in Costa Rica on a mission. She talked about how he has grown so much. It got me thinking How have a I grown so far? I pondered on that during the meeting. The spirit was so strong. I looked around and saw the Sampsons, the Kellys, the Monys, and Carstens, all of these people in the ward I've come to know. I was thinking about LaMar and Ashley being baptized just the day before. Then it hit me how I've grown. I never knew I could love like this. I never thought I could have such a great love for so many people. Do you know when people talk about there ward families? We have that times 5. Plus all the people we get to teach and baptize. So much love. I love it. 
Elder Tritapoe. Don't worry no one else can seem to get his name right either. He is doing better. We like to rap when we walk around. Yes we've been walking because yes my tire got another flat. He is a lot better at rapping and rhyming than me though. 
Tell everyone I say Hello and love them!!
I have lots of pictures for you this week! Enjoy
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!! 24 YEARS! WHOA. That is amazing. An eternity to go! Sorry I can't be there to celebrate. Well I guess we are kind of because we are having an ice cream party. Just for you two! 
1- Lamar and his three kids
2&3-Us and Lamar
4-Ashley, her dad, sisters, and brother.
5-Ashley and us.

These are from when I was in South Jordan and we went to the Draper temple. It is me, Elder Viquerra, Sister Leavitt, sister Sparish, Elder Weight, and Elder Binger. I just got these from Sister Leavitt because she was a visa waiter and finally went to Argentina and so could now email them to me. 

The third one is from Matt Minauga's baptism back in June that I was able to go back and see. It is Elder Beagly and Elder Weight

email to Dad 9/2/13


It is kind of a cloudy day here today too. I'm glad you got your birthday card. I was scared it wouldn't get there in time. Happy Anniversary! I didn't send a card for that one. I'm slacken! I want to try to eat better too. It is tough though when everyone wants to give you food! Come to Kearns, they defiantly have Mexican food here. 
Baptisms this past weekend! It was wonderful. I have a lot of pictures today! Service is so good…I am glad. 
How was church? Church was soo good here! 
Love you!

Hello Son,
Went for an early walk this morning and then picked up the mail, low and behold there were cards from you and grandma just for me...thank you so much. Reading your card brought tears of joy to my eyes. It is a grey cool morning with 88 percent humidity, which feels like wet...it was a nice walk, nobody up, no dogs...just me! Ryan, Kristin and the kids came yesterday after church...yes we went to church...had some fun with them, went to the park and they had the playground tore up, it was gone...completely...so we searched for another one and found it just before dark, they had so much fun that they did not want to leave! You will be happy to know that after fasting for 21 hours my glucose levels were almost perfect. My diet has been so good, lots of salads, green drinks, nuts and seeds. Tomorrow I look for a workout place with a pool.
Well, it is our 24th wedding anniversary today and Mom is in her pride and joy with "the kids" here, she is such a wonderful grandma, they love her so much! You will be glad to know that I have stepped up my game the past week or so to really take care of her and the house work, Mom seems to really enjoy the old me coming back now that I am starting to feel a little better...have even lots a few pounds of belly fat! We went to our new favorite Mexican restaurant Saturday night for our anniversary (no gifts or cards), the food is great and the prices are nice, she really loves their food and was so worried that it would not taste as good as the first time we ate there...but it was!
So enough about me...what is up in your world? Love to hear stories of those you teach and serve with...and we love pictures...it really helps Mom see that you are all right! Grandma said she sent 2 emails but they came back...turns out I typed the wrong email address...sorry! Ryan and I are going to help the Gaymers unload a moving truck for their daughter and son in law shortly, it will be good to do some service...told Ryan it would be my birthday present! Ha!

Prayers and Love,

Letter 8/26/13

email to Mom 8/26/13


Training is going better. I have a different outlook on it now. It is all about mindset. 
Things are still not working well with Ashley. It's more of a parent issue than her problem. She went to activity days last Thursday though! 
Elder Tritapoe is...hmm... I don't know how to describe him. He is respectful. He has an accent. No funny stories that I can think of.  
Hey church is on Sunday. That would be a great birthday present for dad. Less active is not good. I am at the church building from 7am-4pm. I think you can go for three hours. https://mail.google.com/mail/e/32B
I like these little emoticons too. They make me laugh.
We had zone conference on Wednesday. We can't drink caffeinehttps://mail.google.com/mail/e/33C anymore. Darn!
Today I read 2 Corinthians 12. Such a good chapter! Also read 2 Nephi 4. I love that one. I can relate to it a lot. verses 17-19 especially. I have better learning Arabic. We have an Arabic book of Mormon in our house so I know what 1-10 is and Nephi and book. I don't know how to say them though.
Have you been to the temple lately We’ve been hearing about the new video for the past two weeks. It is the hot topic. The temples have been super busy because of it. 
Love you Lots!
Elder Alpin

Sorry I didn't take any pictures this week.

email to Dad 8/26/13

Hi Dad!

Keep me updated on details with Andrew. I'm not going to recognize you when I come home. You will be too skinny! I am so proud of you. I am trying to be better at not overeating/eating too much sugar. I'm trying to do it for my investigators who struggle with addiction so I can know what they are going through. Lamar is getting baptized Saturday. Just two weeks ago he was smoking 20 cigs a day and the past three days hasn't smoked at all! He is awesome. My district leader, Elder Smith, is diabetic. When we go over to their house for lunch he always makes a smoothie for everybody. It has spinach, banana, and milk, and some other frozen fruit too, but it is always so delicious and healthy. 
Speaking of flat tire syndrome.. I got another flat tire this week. I am trying to do it with a smile. 
Oh don't worry I haven't forgotten about your birthday! 
Love, Elder Alpin

Hi Son,
Not much to say, but I love you, miss you and think about you all the time!

Looks like Andrew is gettjng deployed in February, no details yet, with some training at the end of October.  Would really like to go see him around his birthday time. 

Better week, only couple of bad days with sugar levels, lost about 7-8 pounds so far and I have really changed my diet, sometimes easy and sometimes not...keep plugging away!  remember inch by inch life is a cinch, but yard by yard, life is hard.

Thanks for the pics last week, always love to see you and those you are working with.  I am so proud of you, I know how tough things can be...just don't spend too much time there.  remember the flat tire syndrome...when you get a flat tire on the road, some people get out all mad, yelling, and kick the tire, some walk around the car shaking their head trying to figure out what to do...then there are those who simply get out and change the tire and get back on the road.  Doing is important, doing it with a smile is fun!


P.s. Almost forgot...5 days until my birthday!

email to Mom 8/19/13

Good Afternoon!
 I did not get transferred. Elder Hall went to Sandy. I got a new companion named Elder Tritapoe from Kentucky. He is straight from the MTC. So I am training him. I was not too excited when I found that out, but it is going good so far. We did sing in church. It was pretty bad, but that's ok. Now they know not to ask us to sing again. We sang Ye Elders of Israel. We got the chance to do it because the lady in the ward who is over music asked us to. 
I am doing good. I am glad you had a good weekend. So does your ward basically think your inactive now? It doesn't sound like you ever go to church. You didn't tell me Lily has a pony. Like a real live one that you ride? How in the world did she get that? Yay I am excited for Kristin! Education! Woohoo!
This summer went by SO fast! All the kids here start school Wednesday. 
Yesterday we put on a missionary fireside for the stake. It was kind of geared towards youth, but anyone could come. It was soo good!  We had a recently called missionary talk, a mother with two children on missions, and a recently returned missionary (she also played the violin). Then all four of us elders talked. I love the violin So much. The spirit was so strong. I felt so happy. It reminded me of how I feel at baptisms. Of course when it was my turn to talk I just cried with my lip a quivering. Like I said last week.. I am emotional. 
Ashley was supposed to get baptized yesterday, but didn't. So again.. we will have to push back the date. It is kind of frustrating. The whole situation is too long to type out. Hopefully we can just help her get to that point. 
The first picture is Elder Moreira. He was one of the Spanish elders that covers our stake but got transferred. The second one is Elder Hall and I before he went to Sandy.
Love you all.

Elder Alpin

email to Dad 8/19/13

8/19/13 to Dad
Hello! I was not transferred. I will explain more in mom's email because I don't want to write it twice. We were supposed to have a baptism yesterday, but it didn't work out. It was for Ashley. Hopefully this Saturday will be the day. I did not take any pictures this week! Yum Lasagna. 
We sometimes talk to some people who have false understandings about the church and like to tell us we are wrong. This usually doesn't bother me and I just shrug it off. This past week though it happened twice and the whole time I was just getting madder and madder while they were talking at us. I guess because I know they are wrong and they aren't even in a place in their life where they are willing to listen and know that it’s true. I keep my cool though so don't worry. I just need to love them more. 
Father. High blood pressure is not good. I recommend smaller portions and exercise daily. 
Oh wait I do too have pictures I forgot! 
Lamar is getting baptized next Sunday. He committed to live the word of wisdom and is awesome. He has been so prepared by the Lord it is amazing! 
Love you!
Elder Alpin

Hello my youngest offspring!

hoping this email finds you of good cheer and happy in your current station of life, excited to see if you were transferred or not.  It sounds like you are making some friends with investigators; did you have any baptisms in the past week?  did you take any new pictures?  Love the pictures, send some of your living quarters and of the family you live with...include names, of course.  it is a beautiful day here in the northern Midwest and we are headed to the Campbell's today, Mom made Lasagna to take for dinner along with a nice salad...and I mean nice!  And of course the garlic bread, if that does not put me in a sleep coma, then it's hard to say what will!

Picking up my little glucometer today for testing my sugar, went for a physical last week and it was too high, also doing a sleep apnea study on Thursday night, to see if I stop breathing during the night.  The issue with stopped breathing is that oxygen is not getting to the brain and then I wake up...this causes many issues including high blood pressure.  Other than these 3 things (which are biggies) and of course the larger than normal spare tire thing going on, the doctor was quite surprised at how well all of my blood tests were for everything else...so, diet change, exercise and more letters to home from you...ha...really, your mom loves your letters so much, she has such a great need to connect with you and the detailed emails and letters really make her day and week!