Monday, September 2, 2013

email to Mom 8/19/13

Good Afternoon!
 I did not get transferred. Elder Hall went to Sandy. I got a new companion named Elder Tritapoe from Kentucky. He is straight from the MTC. So I am training him. I was not too excited when I found that out, but it is going good so far. We did sing in church. It was pretty bad, but that's ok. Now they know not to ask us to sing again. We sang Ye Elders of Israel. We got the chance to do it because the lady in the ward who is over music asked us to. 
I am doing good. I am glad you had a good weekend. So does your ward basically think your inactive now? It doesn't sound like you ever go to church. You didn't tell me Lily has a pony. Like a real live one that you ride? How in the world did she get that? Yay I am excited for Kristin! Education! Woohoo!
This summer went by SO fast! All the kids here start school Wednesday. 
Yesterday we put on a missionary fireside for the stake. It was kind of geared towards youth, but anyone could come. It was soo good!  We had a recently called missionary talk, a mother with two children on missions, and a recently returned missionary (she also played the violin). Then all four of us elders talked. I love the violin So much. The spirit was so strong. I felt so happy. It reminded me of how I feel at baptisms. Of course when it was my turn to talk I just cried with my lip a quivering. Like I said last week.. I am emotional. 
Ashley was supposed to get baptized yesterday, but didn't. So again.. we will have to push back the date. It is kind of frustrating. The whole situation is too long to type out. Hopefully we can just help her get to that point. 
The first picture is Elder Moreira. He was one of the Spanish elders that covers our stake but got transferred. The second one is Elder Hall and I before he went to Sandy.
Love you all.

Elder Alpin

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  1. They sounded just fine, we don't have much musical talent in the ward, so we appreciate them sharing their good voice with us. Sister Carstens