Monday, September 2, 2013

email to Dad 9/2/13


It is kind of a cloudy day here today too. I'm glad you got your birthday card. I was scared it wouldn't get there in time. Happy Anniversary! I didn't send a card for that one. I'm slacken! I want to try to eat better too. It is tough though when everyone wants to give you food! Come to Kearns, they defiantly have Mexican food here. 
Baptisms this past weekend! It was wonderful. I have a lot of pictures today! Service is so good…I am glad. 
How was church? Church was soo good here! 
Love you!

Hello Son,
Went for an early walk this morning and then picked up the mail, low and behold there were cards from you and grandma just for me...thank you so much. Reading your card brought tears of joy to my eyes. It is a grey cool morning with 88 percent humidity, which feels like was a nice walk, nobody up, no dogs...just me! Ryan, Kristin and the kids came yesterday after church...yes we went to church...had some fun with them, went to the park and they had the playground tore up, it was we searched for another one and found it just before dark, they had so much fun that they did not want to leave! You will be happy to know that after fasting for 21 hours my glucose levels were almost perfect. My diet has been so good, lots of salads, green drinks, nuts and seeds. Tomorrow I look for a workout place with a pool.
Well, it is our 24th wedding anniversary today and Mom is in her pride and joy with "the kids" here, she is such a wonderful grandma, they love her so much! You will be glad to know that I have stepped up my game the past week or so to really take care of her and the house work, Mom seems to really enjoy the old me coming back now that I am starting to feel a little better...have even lots a few pounds of belly fat! We went to our new favorite Mexican restaurant Saturday night for our anniversary (no gifts or cards), the food is great and the prices are nice, she really loves their food and was so worried that it would not taste as good as the first time we ate there...but it was!
So enough about me...what is up in your world? Love to hear stories of those you teach and serve with...and we love really helps Mom see that you are all right! Grandma said she sent 2 emails but they came back...turns out I typed the wrong email address...sorry! Ryan and I are going to help the Gaymers unload a moving truck for their daughter and son in law shortly, it will be good to do some service...told Ryan it would be my birthday present! Ha!

Prayers and Love,

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