Wednesday, August 14, 2013

email from Mom 8/12/13

Hola Taco Bell.

I wish it rained more here. Elder Hall always uses an analogy for keeping the commandments. It is like flying a kite. the line is the commandments and when we keep them we fly high, but some people feel that the line is holding them back. When they cut the line or break the commandments, the kite crashes into the ground. 
About two weeks ago we gave Jade a blessing the night before she was going to have an eye surgery. She has a cataract. Later that night, the doctor called and told her he wasn't going to do the surgery the next day because he wanted to look at her eye again and decide the best way to do the surgery. When she came in they came to the conclusion that because the cataract is at the back of the eye they did not need to do surgery and she wouldn't have to worry about it for like 30 years. The surgery may have actually made it worse. I was so glad to hear this. When we gave her the blessing, she was crying because she was so scared to have it done. Yesterday at church she was like I don't know what I would have done if you guys didn't come. It obviously wasn't us of course. It was all God. I'm grateful for the priesthood. Jade has just started coming back to church again. 
I gave a talk yesterday too! Ryan and I are basically twins now! That is awesome. It was about being spiritually prepared. I talked for like twenty minutes. It was pretty impressive. I don't think I've ever talked that long. Hey has your friend you invited met with the missionaries yet? It has been a week. She might need a little reminder. You should invite our neighbors to meet with the missionaries. 
I've realized I'm kind of emotional. It sounds like you are too. I got a haircut today from Sister Kraft. She is the lady the spanish elders live with.  
Has it really been six months? What in the world. I feel like I just got into the mission field. 
I tried some chicken and waffle chips. They were pretty good. Nyakeer texted us and she actually ended up going to Kasas City, Missouri instead. 
Elder Arnold, one of the seventy, came and talked to us for like 4 hour. It was super good. We read some of 3 Nephi 11. This is when Christ comes and is talking to the people. Something that Elder Arnold pointed out is that Jesus did not teach them all that he knew. He taught them what they needed. AKA baptism. Cool stuff, huh?
Transfers are tomorrow. We find out tonight. 
Next week I'm singing in sacrament meeting. It should be interesting.. Elder Hall is playing the piano and then our ward mission leader, Kenny, and possibly the Spanish elders are singing too. 
We went to Chik fila for lunch today. If I were to work at a fast food place it would be chik fila. I like it. Every time you say thank you to an employee they have to say "my pleasure". It makes me chuckle. 
Love you,
Elder Alpin

Here are some pictures of me and Elder Hall emailing. :) 

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