Wednesday, August 14, 2013

email to Mom 8/5/13

Hello! I can't wait to see Grandma and Grandpa's new pole barn and drive way. Exciting stuff! 
The past couple of P-days we've went to Daybreak. There is a little "lake" where some of us go fishing or play basketball. It can be kind of fun. We are going again today. The 70's sound so nice right now. Church yesterday was so good. A teenage girl shared her testimony and told us this story:
There was a guy named Steve. He got kicked out of one of his classes and got put into seminary. He was kind of obnoxious. The seminary teacher talked to him after class one time. "You think your pretty tough dont you?"
"Yeah I do 200 push ups a day" Steve said
"Do you think you could do 300?"
"Maybe" said Steve
"Work on it" said the teacher. 
Then one day in class the teacher brings really delicious donuts, the best kind. He asks one of the kids in the class if he would like a donut. The kid responded "Yeah." 
"Steve will you do 10 push ups so that he can have a donut?" Steve agreed. 
The teacher went to the next kid and asked her. "Would you like a donut?"
"Yes" she responded. 
"Steve will you do 10 push ups so she can have a donut?" He agreed. The teacher continued to do this through out the class. There was 30 students in the class. The teacher came to one kid who was the best athlete in school and asked him if he would like a donut.
"Yes, but I can do 10 push ups. Can't I do the 10 and earn the donut myself?"
"No. Steve has to do the push ups for you to receive the donut." The teacher said. The athlete rejected the donut. After him rejecting it, more people began to reject it. Four more kids came into the class. Even though it began to get tough, Steve did the push ups for those people as well. 
So basically this story is about the Savior. He suffered for each one of us, whether we want to accept him or not. I was trying so hard not to bawl my eyes out during this. Then in gospel principles class we talked about the law of chastity. I love the law of chastity. It just makes so much sense. It makes me sad that the world disagrees.
 Yesterday was also very sad. I won't tell you too much, but one of our investigators asked us to come over because of a difficult situation. It was probably one of the most uncomfortable situations I've been in. I'm grateful that you and dad have stayed faithful to each other and never got a divorce. Thank you for that example. 
Nyakeer moved last Wednesday. We said goodbye to her on Tuesday. We've had a lot of less active lessons this week. We are still trying to find more people to teach. 
I love you all family . Your great.
Have a good week!
Love, Elder Alpin

This is Nyakeer with her two daughters. Nafone is the older one and Adu is the younger one. She has four boys too but they werent there. 

I made this the other day during lunch...

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