Wednesday, August 14, 2013

email to Mom 7/29/13


It sounds like a fun packed weekend! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I am so proud of you for inviting your friend to meet with the missionaries! Look at you being a missionary. 
This week we went to a members house. She was telling us that we should go visit her neighbor. We asked if she would invite them to meet with us. She was like "Sure. Lets go right now!" We go to her neighbor's and the lady opens the door. Normally when members come with us and introduce us its more subtle.  The conversation basically went like this. "These are the missionaries. Would you like to meet with them?" 
"No." "Alright have a good day"
I know it doesn't sound funny, but it was hilarious. I don't know why. You would have had to have been there. I'm grateful for her willingness to help us though. It was a good thing, just a little different than other people do it.
We had a baptism yesterday for LeLand White. He turned ten today. It was great. His grandpa baptized him. The Spanish elders had a baptism right after us for a family of four. It was pretty cool. Baptisms always get me excited to go find more people. We need to find people right now because we are kind of running out of people to teach. My picture is right above my bed. Oh my goodness you should see our room. It is a hot mess.
Just kidding. It is clean. 
We give a good amount of blessings. I always try to offer them when I remember. They are good stuff. 
Pioneer day was a weird day. We were riding along and we saw a guy working underneath his large van and we see some kids outside and we realize they are kind of frantic. We stop. The guy was working under his van and the thing fell so the van fell on top of him. He was kind of bigger so he was stuck. The kids were trying to pull the van off of him. We got off our bikes and tried to help pull it off, but it didn't do anything.  Then three police, a firefighter, and ambulance show up and get him out. Intense stuff. He was ok, Just a little sore. 
I studied 1 Nephi 8 a lot last week again and learned more! A footnote from one of the verses led me to 1 nephi 15:27.  The water is filthiness that drags us down to an "awful hell"(v.29). Lehi was focused on other things (AKA the love of God and getting his family there) that he did not even notice the filthiness. We need to make sure we are filling our time with good things so that we don't even have the time to get dragged down by filth. 
Stay clean and virtuous.

Elder Alpin 

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