Wednesday, August 14, 2013

email to Mom 7/22/13

Good Morning!

I'm glad it sounds like everyone is doing good. I am doing well. We have a special ring tone for President on the phone. It is called whistling wizard. When I heard him call and ask for me, I knew that it was about Grandpa. He just told me and said sorry and asked if we were close. It just gets you thinking about how short of time we have on this Earth. I'm very grateful for the Plan of Salvation and the knowledge we have of it. 
So do you remember when I went to EFY? I think I told you that I saw Michael Pixton there. (He is from Midland). Well Michael had a friend with him that I met briefly in one of the classes. Anyway so fast forward to like two weeks ago. Elder Hall and I were talking to a lady from Michigan and about Midland. Long story short. The guy with Micheal that I met at EFY was Elder Hall! How crazy is that? 
Guess what! I studied 1 Nephi 8 earlier this week. I know your so proud! Read verses 5-11 and it basically talks about the plan of salvation. 
Guess what! I learned how to count to ten in Dinka! Tonight before p-day is over we are going to go learn some more from Nyakeer. She gave me a little book of dinka words to help me learn. 
Ok so what the heck is up with everyone having babies right now!? There is seriously so many pregnant people! AND everyone is having eye surgery. This past week we gave four blessings. Two to pregnant ladies ready to pop and two to people getting ready to have eye surgery. We were at dinner with the Budingtons. Sister Budington's sister was there. She is pregnant and was counting her contractions. We had a nice conversation about contractions and having babies. By the end of dinner she was like having her baby basically. They took her to the hospital when we were leaving. She really didn't end up having it yet, but any day! I guess it is just that time of year. 
So remember when you asked me of some families I like. I couldnt think of any before, but I've thought of some. The Bartletts. He is one of our ward mission leaders. They have the cutest little family. Also the Johnsons. They are so missionary minded. I love it! 
I hope you are feeling better! Last night I felt so crappy. I feel better now though so don't worry. 
Sorry I haven't taken any pictures in awhile.. There isn't much of anything to take pictures of. Did I tell you that Nyakeer and her family is moving to Ohio at the beginning of August. I will miss them!

Love Elder alpin

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