Wednesday, August 14, 2013

email to Dad 7/22/13

Good day,

Yes, it is true, Pioneer Day is almost here!  I know how long you have waited for this and how much you love it...the wait is almost over!  Surely there must be something exciting happening in your neck of the woods for the great LDS day...but what could it be?  Maybe a sack race at the ward picnic or one of those cart races...hard to say, but you will have to keep us informed.

How are things going for you?  I mean are you feeling on the inside? 

It has been a crazy week with the family and Grandpa passing, Mom and I went to the temple on Thursday, it was great!  We saw lots of people we knew from Bay City Ward, Lake Orion Ward, Harrison Branch, even Elder Holmes and finally met up with Lee Hardy, he brought me through the vale.  We had some quality time together, it was a truly awesome day!  Great week at work too!  Went to Clare to see Dr. Wild on Monday, then had lunch with Alison and Travis, they wanted to meet at Pondo, we talked for about an hour then she had to go to work.

Yes the week caused me to do a lot of reminiscing and brought up a lot of old feelings, some good, some bad, but mostly good.  I wish I could give you a great big hug right now...I love you so much Matt!  I am so proud of you and the man you have become and the work you are doing.  In sports we practice hard and when it is game time we compete even harder, leaving in all on the field or track or court, we give it our all with no regrets, we have to prove ourself in order to compete another it is with your life and your mission, you must leave it all on the field, with no regrets!

Looks like Grandma & Aunt Kim are coming up on Friday, then we are having a family get together on Saturday and Sunday at Ernies house...will let you know how it all goes.

Send more pictures...Love...Dad


We are not doing anything exciting for pioneer day. They are having a parade, but it is out of our area and I think our mission. Things are going good. How are you doing with Grandpa passing away? I love that you can go to the Detroit temple and always see someone you know. Are Alison and Travis getting serious? Tell Grandma and Aunt Kim I say hello when you see them. Today I was reading in Philippians 1:14. First read D&C 82:10 though. If we are obedient on our part then we can be confident and fearless when proclaiming his gospel. 
What is your calling in your ward and how is it blessing your life? President Riches, the stake president here, told me to find out. 
Thank you for being you. Thank you for being worthy to hold a temple recommend. I am so proud of you and the example you set. 
Elder Alpin

Year Mission Established:  July 1, 1998
Current number of missionaries:  204
Current number of Elders:  164
Current number of Sisters:  40
Average age of missionary:  21
Current number of senior couples:  8 
Current number of Church Service Missionaries: 66 plus 5 individuals
Current number of Spanish Speaking Missionaries:  51
Current number of Stakes in the Utah Salt Lake City South Mission:  83
Current number of Spanish Units in the Utah Salt Lake City South Mission: 20
Current number of International missionaries in the Utah Salt Lake City South Mission excluding the United States:  24
Current number of Coordinating Councils in the Utah Salt Lake City South Mission:  7

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