Sunday, July 21, 2013

email home & pics 7-15-13

Hello Family!

The barbecue last week was good. Travis has been doing alright. We teach them all the lessons over again after they're baptized. Michael is good. He is doing better with smoking, but hasn't quite. Thank you for that thing at the end about our bodies. I have been struggling with eating way to much. I have been trying to buy healthier food, but I struggled last week with over eating. I talked about you during a lesson last week. It was with a less active family who want to get sealed in the temple. They have some trouble with coffee. I told them how you struggled with that too, but overcame it! Abeal is good. Her daughter went to girls camp! They have some good fellowship. July 9 was the Independence Day for south Sudan. They celebrated it this weekend. They all got together in two different places because they wouldn't all fit in one. Nayakere invited us to go, which means she is starting to like us more. For awhile there I think she was avoiding us. It is outside of our mission though. I wanted to go so bad! They have traditional Sudan food and clothing and music and dancing. I love Sudan people so much. They make me happy. 
Interviews with President went well. I like him. He is really loving. The love/hate relationship with our bikes is better. We got a car last week. We share it with the Spanish elders so we switch every three days. On Thursday we helped build a stage for about five hours in West Jordan. It is for pioneer day.
Thank you for the packages! I appreciated them. Alison emailed me last week and Andrew did this week. And Kristin did both last week and this week. Thank you! I did not see Sister Parkinson at temple square, but I asked the sisters we were with if they knew her and they said yes. 
The temple Tuesday was great. I love it. We went to the Oquirrah Mountain one. 

Here are some pictures. 
1: From Left to Right: Sister Rogers, Sister Martin, Me, Elder Hall, Elder Toborg, Elder Moriera, Elder Smith, Elder Hall

2: Me and Elder Hall

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