Sunday, July 21, 2013

email to Mom 7-8-13

Happy Monday! 

I'm glad your week has been good. Mine was great as well. Jambo means hello in some African language. Meeting the President was good. I like him. They have their son Sam AKA Shmoo with them. He is like 13 maybe. Something President talked about was astonish people with your charity. It will cast out darkness. Travis' baptism was wonderful! I forgot my camera so I don't have pictures to send today. We had the ward mission leader take pictures so I just need him to send them to me. Then I will send them to you. I love baptisms! They make me happy. Earlier on Tuesday we had district meeting. We talked about repentance and making sure the people we teach understand it. I started thinking of Travis and I felt such a fearful feeling. "Did I do everything I could to help him prepare to make this big step in his life?" He is still doing good with abstaining from certain things so I think he is good. We are having a barbecue at his house later today. I had the opportunity to confirm him yesterday. I actually said it right this time too! 
So I am going to go on a bit of tangit about bike tires. After we realized Elder Hall's had a flat then I looked at mine and mine did too! Then we got them fixed. Like two days later we had flats again! I take my bike out of the shed today and guess what. Yes it was flat.. Oh my goodness.. bikes... we have a love/hate relationship. If it's not my bike that is messed up, its Elder Halls like every other day!  Oh but something good came out of it! We were walking and it was super hot. A lady had passed us and went to the gas station, bought us popsicles  and then came and gave them to us! They were really good ones too. It made me so happy.
The 4th of July was good. We had a mission conference. President and Sister Chambers talked with us for a bit and then we had fun! Some dressing standards have changed for guys. We can now have khaki colored pants. We can't have backpacks anymore. We have to have shoulder bags  They are giving us until Christmas to get one. It used to be that we would have to wear our suit jackets from October general conference to april's. No longer so! That one made me happy. It's all on if you want to check it out. After that I watched Toy Story 3 and played some Uno. They had other things like basketball and volleyball going on too.
The other day during scripture study I studied faith, hope charity. I will try to explain it. Hopefully it makes sense. 
Keep in mind Faith=No doubt, Hope =Mindset, Charity=Unity.
D&C 93: 27-28
V.27 (Faith) It is faith that if you keep the commandments, you will receive a fullness of truth. 
V.28 (Charity) "He that keepeth his commandments recieveth truth and light" God said if you love me keep my commandments. We will receive truth and light. In v. 26 it says truth is of God. Light also represents God. We will be more unified with God and His spirit when we keep the commandments. 
V.28 (hope)"he is glorified in truth and knoweth all things" Trusting and having confidence that we can be glorified in truth and know all things by obedience to commandments. 
Teaching was good last week. We are teaching a new Sudan lady, Abeal. She is related to the others. They are all cousins basically. 
Love you all lots. I'm glad you are doing well. 

Elder Alpin :)

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