Monday, July 1, 2013

7/1/13 email to Dad

Hey! I'm glad you got to see Owen and everybody! I wish I could see them. Good luck with fireworks in Bay City you probably won’t be home till later than 2am! Thank you for your support and you’re awesome.  Love you!
Elder Alpin

Hey Son,

Long night and out of time this morning, did not forget...just not prepared very good.  Hope I did not miss you this week...I love you so much and think about you all the time, I pray for you and admire the role you are in now during this time of your life...doing the work of the Lord, Jesus Christ...Wow!  That is awesome...not much to say, long work week, slipped on my scriptures for the week, but refocused for the new week.  Looks like we will end up in Bay City for the will be great.  Saturday, Mom came home for work and was eating the great meal I prepared for her, when she said (with tears in her ears) I want to see my grandkids, I want to see Owen...let's go I said...really?  she quizzed...yep, let's call and go we went...a good visit and a long ride!  on the way home she said, it was fun but next time tell me how late it is and talk me out of going...we got home at 2am.

Happy day and week to again...enjoy!


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