Sunday, July 21, 2013

email to Dad 7-8-13

Hey Dad! I can't believe I've been almost out for 5 months. It makes me realize that two years will go by in no time. This week was good. Elder Hall and I get a long good. The heat is killer! I sweat so bad. It has cooled off though. I realized I just make stupid mistakes all the time. It is frustrating. We will plan to go by somebody and I forget to write down their address. So when we are out and about and we're like oh lets go to so and so. Oh wait I don't know where they live! 
Bishop Andrews seems like a cool guy. I met a lady that lives in Michigan near the Detroit Temple. 
Something President Chambers told us:
If you ever feel feelings of inadequacy or lack of confidence, then do the following:
-Be Worthy: If you hold a current temple recommend, then you are worthy.
-Prepare Yourself: Effective studies
-Be prayerful
-Go out, face the world, and go to work.

Love you!

On Sun, Jul 7, 2013 at 10:34 PM, Tom Alpin wrote:

Hello Son,

I have been thinking alot about what you are up to everyday, trying to picture what you might be doing at any particular moment as I pause.  As you enter your 5th month it seems like you might be past the newness of a mission and working hard.  Many have said that the first 3 months are the hardest and by the time you make it to your 6 month point it seems like things are moving fast.  So, how has it been for you?  I am sure with each transfer everything seems to change, but surely there must be things that are so much the same.  With each new companionship, the dynamics must certainly change.  If you have not yet found yourself in the leader role, don't worry you will soon enough.  Being the one who is the starter, getting things going and keeping them on track is what you do, now add the spirit of God with you and there is no end to what can happen. 

Wow, with the heat you have had how have you been holding up?  I know you are drinking lots of water and keeping cool, but what about the sweating?  I cannot even keep in under control in the near 90 degree weather we have had and the very high humidy.  Your heat has been so much hotter, but the humidity is very low for you, so I really hope you are doing well in the heat!

Not much going on around here, the Old Testament is so much harder to listen to and read than any of the other scriptures so far.  Up to chapter 13 in
Deuteronomy and there has been so much interesting and unusual things in Leviticus, Numbers and now in Deuteronomy, it is hard to stay with it, but so interesting at the same time.
We had the 3 grandkids from Friday to Saturday, it was a blast...went to the show, the mall, played, first trip to the pool, which is not heated...cold! We took them home and spent about 2.5 hours a the Martinez's, there were alot of people that we did not know, but I spent most of the time talking with Bishop Andrews, he is such a sweat heart of a man struggling with an aging body...I have such a love for hime because he was the one who brought through my repentance process when I returned to church at age 28 and he guided my progress of receiving the ordination of the Priesthood and my guide as we went to the temple and received my personal endowments, he was also the one who married your Mom and I in Bay City in 1989.  He is a great example to me and his wife is such a wonderful person too, she is his rock for sure!  It was a true highlight for me for I have such a strong love for him, a love like that of a son to a father and a brother to a brother, a love of respect that is always rekindled when we was a happy day for me!
Back to work on Monday with a meeting on Wednesday and several of our work teams are gathering at the Comcast suite in Comerica Park for a Tigers game, it will be a blast for sure!

Love Dad

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