Wednesday, August 14, 2013

email to Dad 8/12/13

Hi Dad.
Sounds like fun stuff at work! We find out if we are getting transferred tonight and they are tomorrow. On Tuesday President Chambers came to our district meeting last Tuesday. So you know when it talks about in the scriptures the field is white already to harvest. He talked about how we were called to harvest not to plant seeds. Of  course along the way we will plant seeds, but our main focus should be harvesting. I think that is a bit of my problem that I have to work on. Also we have a member of the seventy come talk to us. Elder Arnold is his name. It was wonderful. There is lots of stuff I need to apply. We found 3 new investigators this week! One of them is someone we've been trying to meet with forever. And then the other two are a father and son. Lamar and Lamar Jr AKA Buzz. Lamar came to church too! It was great. 
Love you,
elder alpin

Hi Son,

not a lot to talk about this week, but I attended a store party last night to celebrate the successes they have had and it was at a nice mexican restaurant at the Lakeside Mall, they gave me a $20 coupon to use, so I will be taking Mom there soon.  I will also be going to the fairlane mall today to meet with a district manager at a Verizon store.  Friday I spent about 4 hours in the little town of Milford, the have an annual art festival which brings in about a quarter million people from Friday to Sunday...I was outside, had to walk 10 blocks carrying 2 heavy bags, up a hill to get to the store, the entire town parking was was fun talking to and watching people!

Had this crazy animated dream this morning about the gathering of the!

Love you so much, let us know what is going on, when transfers are, all the good stuff and some of those pictures you promised!



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