Monday, May 27, 2013

email to Mom 5/27/13

Hello. I'm doing good. I got transferred to Kerns. Elder Weight stayed in South Jordan and is training again. My new companion is Elder Bennett. He is from Southern California and has been out 4 and a half months. Kerns is way different than South Jordan. There is a lot of Hispanic people. I am on a bike now. I'm not to happy about that. My butt hurts. We aren't really doing anything special for Memorial Day. Just another day as a missionary. Yes Sister Holtry did have a good chat with her son. You are right. This has been a long week. I’m glad work is keeping you busy. I haven't heard from Alison today. I'll have to email her and chastise her. I'm glad to hear that Ryan and Kristin are going to the temple this weekend! You did so good with talking about the restoration! I gave two talks yesterday. I felt bad because I talked for like ten minutes and Elder Bennett had to talk for 25.

There is a family here that is from Sudan. They come actively.  Last Monday, before I was here, Elder Bennett and his companion found out that their ten year old son wasn't baptized. They didn't realize he had to be baptized because he was baptized in the Catholic Church. The mom wanted him to be baptized though. So Wednesday, my first day in the area, we taught him. His name is Mony. His last name is Mony too. We had another lesson the next day. He was baptized yesterday. His little sister Achok is 8 and got baptized too. I got to baptize Achok and Elder Bennett baptized Mony. It was kinda cool. They baptize here a lot in Kearns. 

You are awesome. 

Love you 

Elder Alpin

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