Wednesday, May 22, 2013

email to Mom 5/13/13

Things I learned from Jeffrey R. Holland. 
He talked about how we can NEVER go back to who we used to be before our mission. Too many people come home and go inactive. You wont have a million dollar experience with only 25 cents of effort. 
It was so wonderful. I love him! 
This is my interpretation that was really clear to me as I read.
Doctrine and Covenants 18
V. 1 Replace Oliver Cowdery with your name. We desire or pray and ask to know if the Book of Mormon is true
V. 2 Replace written with read. He knew they were true because of the spirit, but needed help recognizing the truth. 
V. 3 He commands us to rely on the written words (Book of Mormon). Relying is like a crutch. With a broken foot (trial) we rely on a crutch which can help us move forward relying upon the word. When we rely on the word of God we can move forward. 
V. 4 We are able to move forward because it contains the fullness of the gospel. It tells us everything we need to do to return back to God. 

I really don't have much to say know because I talk to you yesterday! It was so nice seeing yaa'll. You look so great! Love you all so much. Stay classy, sassy, and fat<--- quote from grandma. haha. BYE

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