Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Email to Mom 5/6/13

From: Matthew Alpin <>
Jamie Alpin
Sent: Mon, May 6, 2013 17:46:55 GMT
Re: Sleep Over
Hello Mother and Father!
I'm glad you had a wonderful time with Alison. I'm glad so many people are able to go see Grandpa. I only wrote him that one letter. I'm really behind on writing people. There is so many people I want to write. Hey call Anna and tell her what the heck. I've written her like two or three times and she still has not written me and I don't know if school is over so I don't know where I should send another letter. So yeah will you call her and ask her for her email so I can just email her or give her mine and threaten her to email me or else. Thanks! I am so glad you and dad get to go to Tennessee! Tell Kennedy I say Happy Birthday! Lucky duck you. Do you read the emails I send dad? And does dad read the ones I send you? The ones I send you are for both of you by the way. Anyway I sent dad the pictures so don't forget to look at them! I am excited for Mother's Day as well! It will be great. We are going to call from a member’s home I think they have two computers so we will probably do it at the same time. You guys are only two hours ahead not three silly goose. It will be like six there. I hope Alison can be there! Devin is awesome! We had a lesson with him on Saturday at temple square. We were supposed to have two baptisms this past Saturday. It didn't happen though. Long story. Hopefully it will happen sometime in May. We have two baptisms this Saturday! I'm so excited. Yeah Elder Weight is awesome. Did I tell you that he was at the same scout camp I went to that one time? I never met him there, but still how crazy is that. I don't think I'll name my kids after him. Ha-ha…that would be a little weird. Last P-day we played gator ball I think is what it’s called. It was fun! So last week we went to chick-fila because we get half off. We were eating outside and this lady comes in gives us $30. Then her daughter comes up and gives us $20 and was like you have to take this or my mom won’t let me back in the car. Then this guy comes up and gives each of us a gift card for chick fila. Then a guy buys all of us an ice cream from there. All within an hour. It was crazy. I don't know why people are so nice. They are only taking a part of our mission and unless I’m in that area when the split it then I will stay in this mission. I like President Miller.  I’m sure our new one will be good. We rode the tracks to go to temple square. On the way back we met a guy getting baptized on your birthday. He was awesome and excited!! I love that the gospel changes lives. Sorry if my letters are kinda boring. I feel like I should give some encouraging scripture or testimony or something, but I can't think of anything.

Love you lots,
Elder Alpin

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