Wednesday, May 22, 2013

email to Mom 5/20/13

Hello! I am so happy to hear about the wonderful time you had. I'm so excited that you went to church there! Setting a great example. Did you invite Andrew and Liz to church with ya'll? I wish I could have been there with everybody. My week has been good. We went to the Draper temple on Tuesday! It was great. I love the temple. Is the temple close to where Andrew lives? I'm glad you had a good time at the ward. We didn't have those baptisms this weekend. They are working towards June 8 because that is when family will be here. It is kind of iffy though. Transfers are Wednesday. We found out tomorrow who is staying and leaving. 
Devin and Avi both received the priesthood yesterday!! It was awesome. We ate with the Loach family yesterday. He is the ward mission leader. They are from England. I could sit and listen to them talk all day. They are so funny. The mom reminds me of a mean English nanny. Hahaha. It has been kind of rainy the past couple of days. It has been hot though too. I get so distracted here in the computer room with all the missionaries talking and music playing. So sorry I can never concentrate well on the emails I write.
I don't know how I feel about you guys moving. I think it would be awesome to be closer to Andrew. I would totally miss Michigan though. Go where the Lord wants you to go!
Tell me all about your life and day. 
Love you. 
:) Elder Alpin

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