Friday, May 3, 2013

email to Dad 4/29/13

Hey Dad!
So on Mother's Day it will probably be around 4 here that I can Skype. Sorry if that is inconvenient for you guys. I'm so excited for you to see Andrew! I wish I could be there. Tell him to write me! I've only written him once and need to again. There is so many people here who have been offended. It is sad! There is people who are so ready for baptism here too though! Let me tell you about Devin.
We talked to the 7th ward Young Women’s President to see if she knew anyone we could stop by. She gave us Devin's name. He is living with his grandparents in the next coldasac over. His grandparents are members. So we went over there. We talked to the Grandma. Like the first thing she said was. "My grandson wants to be baptized. Can you teach him?" We were like YEAH!! Devin is so awesome and prepared! He is 12. His mom lives there with them and has been inactive since 1998. Devin has been reading to his mom everyday and keeping all the commitments. His mom is super supportive too. And he came to church on Sunday! Guess who else came!? His mom! He is setting such a great example for his mom and grandpa. He is getting baptized May 11. He also has a 10 year old brother who came to church and might be interested in us teaching him. So exciting!! We had 10 member present lessons this past week! Things are picking up and it’s amazing!
Love you lots. Have a great day
Elder Alpin.

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