Tuesday, April 23, 2013

email & pics 4/22/13

Hello! That is awesome Jordanne gave a talk and went to a dance!  So exciting to hear.  I'm disappointed to hear she is moving to live with her dad though! We will miss her! I'm glad Ryan and Kristin are doing well! That is awesome Alison will be able to get to go to Florida! She will love that and totally deserves it. I hope Sister Comer gets well soon. I'm excited for Mothers day as well! We are skypeing! I will be able to call you before and be like hey get on Skype. We get to talk for about 45 minutes! I feel like if everyone is there it will be hard to talk and such, but I don't know. Whatever you want to do I am fine with! It's your day! Sister Bell is doing good. She should be coming home tomorrow. We had a few people in the ward tell us that she was super worried about us. I guess with a stroke it is hard to put your words together. So she was like "Make sure my boys don't go on dates", but she meant something like making sure we are ok and she thought we would have to move out or something. She loves us. And we love her, she is awesome. I am good this week. Hmm... Nothing funny is sticking out. We are teaching a lot of kids. The one less active lady I told you about who has changed so much. She is awesome. I don't know what happened to my Brotha from Detroit. We had called him to get the address of the hotel he was at, but he never called us back. Last week for P-Day we went to airborne. They have TVs there and that is where we heard about the thing in Boston. And yeah I heard about the thing in Texas too. Crazy! Transfers are May 22. We have interviews with President Miller tomorrow and second transfer missionaries are going to the salt lake temple on Thursday!! Can’t wait!! I am still working on being bold and testifying, but it's coming along! Hahaha the new movie joke is funny. I gave my first talk as a missionary yesterday in the 7th ward! I talked about how a mission has blessed my life. It went well! Yesterday we taught this 12 year old and put him on date to be baptized on may 11. This past week was so good! We had 8 member present lessons! The most since I've been here...and for awhile. So Elder Weight and I like to make cat noises all the time…It’s kind of weird, but its fun. 

Elder Weight with "The Marsden Bear"

Elder Alpin with "The Marsden Bear"

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