Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Email to Dad 4/17/13

Hey! I cant open your pictures. Is there another way you can send them? I'm glad you had a good time. Sounds like fun! I have not met tyler needs. maybe sometime in the future. Make sure you read the one I send mom because that is to you too~ love you elder alpin

Elder Alpin,

it is starting out to be a wonderful day with some sunshine and warmer temps...plus it is Monday and we have the great opportunity to hear from you in some way...loved your snail mail letter, received on Saturday and the illustrations were an added bonus for sure.  It will be a busy week, really want to get out with the missionaries once or maybe even twice.  Brother Sanchez was excited to go to church yesterday since it has been 3 weeks because of conference and being out of town for Easter.  Fast and testimony meeting were good, gave the closing prayer and sunday school was great also!.

Really enjoyed the time spent in Florida with the Alpins, will add the family picture to the email and hope you can see it...not sure what the rules are for getting attachments.  it was 47 when I left Michigan and 87 when I arrived in Florida with everyday very nice.  spent most of my time just listening to everybody and enjoying the neighbors as they came by, went with scott and dad to the park one night and took grandma to get her chemo treatment one day...it was so great to see Andrew and talk with him and hug him!

Philly was awesome too, had a couple of hours on Thursday so 3 of us toured the Eastern State Penitentiary, which was the first in America and the world!  WOW...what a place!  #6 inmate was guilty of stealing a horse and his sentence was 6 cents and 2 years in prison where they were in a cell for 24 hours a day with 2 30-minute exercise breaks each day!  Al Capone was lodged here and I have a picture of that, so different than the cells of the 1800's.  rode the train from the airport and the subway from our event back to the center of town and then walked about 20 blocks back to the hotel...what a night!

Have you met Tyler Needs yet?  Be sure he is writting home to him MOM!

Love to you Son,

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