Friday, May 3, 2013

email to Mom 4/29/13 & Pic

Happy Monday!
I saw Elder Needs at a training, but it was a distance away and I didn't talk to him. We do sometimes do lessons at temple square. I haven't yet. We are hoping to do it this weekend though. I am so excited for Alison. That is awesome! Sister Bell is home and is doing well. Her son and daughter in law (Sue) and Sue's sister Cookie are here now for a week. I love Sister Bell she is so funny. 
The interview with President went well. He had me put my shoe up on a chair and was like I can't wash your feet right now, but I will shine your shoes. So I stood there and he shined both my shoes. It was humbling. He is an awesome guy. He had me share my testimony on the atonement, book of Mormon, restoration, and two other things but I forgot. Last week went well. Elder Weight and I are getting along. We also went to the Salt Lake Temple and did a live session. It was awesome. Then we went and ate. I loved it. Yesterday at church I saw Mary Harrast at church! She is from Mt. P. I've only talked to her a couple times, but it was still really cool to see someone I knew! 
Moroni 7:9. I realized this is the same for missionary work. If you just go through the motions, it does not profit you. 
Here is a picture of Elder Binger and me at temple square. 
Love you All. 
Elder Alpin

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