Wednesday, May 22, 2013

email to Dad 5/20/13

Hello! I’m glad you all had a wonderful time. I hope you told Zach and Kennedy and Andrew and Liz that I love them and miss them. When Elder Holland talked to us He gave us a chance to ask questions. One of the questions someone asked is How can I have greater pure love of Christ. Elder Holland shared a scripture in Alma 37: 36-37. V. 36 through your doings, thoughts, and heart. Pray for it. \
Your a grrrreat dad! Keep it up!
Love you lots! 
Elder Alpin

On Sun, May 19, 2013 at 8:07 PM, tomalpin2002 wrote:
Uncle Matt,

This is Kennedy,

Grandma and Grandpa are visiting and this is what we have been doing...I hit the baseball really far today and yesterday we went shopping for an outfit and a new babydoll outfit with flowers on it for my doll named Alice.  we spent the day at Zach's baseball game, he won!  we had hotdogs, hamburgers and french fries an Zach had cheese fries...yum yum!

This is my game i hit a single, scored a run and had an RBI..we went to Dairy Queen and i had a snickers was good!  Sissy had an ice cream cone and she ate it so fast.  on the way home we went to Kentucky to get pizza!  we jumped on our new trampoline a lot and i got hurt a lot too!  we went to rafferty's on friday and ate bacon cheese fries and drove all over Clarksville, daddy got us lost and mommy told us which way to go to get home...yea!

Matt...this is your father...we had a great trip, the flight was really fast, just over an was border line nerved up about half the way and was great once she calmed down.  we got this awesome upgrade for our rental car to a Nissan Pathfinder, the traffic was light and it was decided we were going to pray the rain away because we came to see a ballgame and we needed some help...and yes it was a beautiful day with lots of sun, about 87 degrees.  we have played so many games...lots of fun!  interesting story about going to church today but i will leave that story for mom to tell.

Love you Son,

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