Wednesday, June 12, 2013

6/3/13 email to Dad

Hey Dad! 

Thank you so much for this letter. It was very uplifting. I'm so excited that you are reading the scriptures so much. I still have to finish the Book of Mormon and it's been like 3 and a half months. So do you walk everyday? I'm glad to hear that! Love you lots.! Thank you for being so awesome. 
Elder Alpin :)

To the servant of the Lord...Elder Alpin,

It is my hope that this day finds you of good cheer and obedient in all things that you have been commanded to do, in this thing you will find everlasting joy that you may touch the hearts of those who seek the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ, which truth will bring eternal blessing to them and their posterity!

Matt, I am so comforted in your daily protection of preaching the word that thou would take no thought for yourself but only that of lost souls who seek the goodness of the Saviour and the plan of happiness, even the plan of salvation!  As I sit here typing my eyes are filling with tears of joy that through the spirit of God my heart is filled with thoughts of you and who you are and what you stand for and your great desire to be good in all things.

We went to the Campbell's house yesterday to visit with Grandma & Grandpa and met the "other" Campbells in order to enjoy to youth of our grandchildren, Lily & was a great visit in many ways.  As your Grandpa & I were talking about many things we began conversation about you and the narration of your current circumstances as we understand them and the stark differences between your new area and your previous assignment when Grandpa said; boy, I hope that Matt does not lose his smile because of the things he might be exposed to in the world...WOW...if you don't know or believe the power of your smile and the goodness it radiates then here is a testament of the impact it has on others.  

Be of good cheer my son and bring your joy and that of the gospel to all you come in contact with, may the spirit of God be with you in all you do for by doing so even the difficult situations you may go through will be so much easier when your are full of love and joy and happiness!

My love for you is strong and know you can do and have the desires of your heart if they be righteous!  Thank you for including so many of your friends and family in your journey, the letters, cards and emails have a great impact on each in ways you may never fully understand, but know this my son...what you do is so important!

My reading of the Book of Mormon was completed quickly, like 4-5 days...WOW...what powerful spirit, I spent almost every waking moment around my daily schedule.  I would read until I fell asleep and when I could not read, then I would listen on my phone and sometimes do both at the same was most incredible to follow along in a way never before experienced by me.  This morning while walking I started the D&C and believe this will be completed quickly also, then the Pearl of Great Price and then the Old Testament.



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