Wednesday, June 12, 2013

6/3/13 email to Mom

I am doing great today. Ryan and Kristin are moving to Bay City! That is weird. He won't be in the Branch presidency anymore! Everyone is moving oh man! Tell Uncle Scott I say hello! I got my bike from Walmart like two weeks ago. We live in a members basement. The Palacio's are there names. They are mexican and speak spanish. Yes we still get fed every night. Last night's dinner was soo good. Teaching has kind of slowed down this week. We don't door knock super much lately. We don't go to the mission office on Mondays. We never did. The zone leaders pick up the mail for the entire zone and we get it from them. No I haven't seen Elder Weight he is in a different zone. Of course the people are welcoming! Elder Bennett does not like to run. I always get stuck with the people that hate it. That is ok though. We have zone work out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Tuesday and Thursday we have district work out or just do it at our house. Talking is going good. I email at 10:30ish for an hour and half. We get mail at like 2ish. Nope I am still not wearing my glasses. James said he would add me on facebook. 14 people? Cool. What does VT mean? Yesterday Mony Mony and Achok got the Holy Ghost! I had the chance to confirm Mony. Last Tuesday it poured. We don't ride our bikes when it rains hard so we walked. We got soaked! We just started laughing because it kind of sucked. There was nothing we could do about it though. We have been talking to two different families from Sudan. They are all related. It's funny. They all have like at least six kids too. I love all the little black kids they are so cute! Yesterday we went over to Niakere's house. We invited her to be baptized. She didn't accept nor reject. We went in the back yard and played basketball with her kids. It was so fun.
There is this guy from France that is here learning English for three months. He is a bishop back in France. His name is Maglueah. He is so  funny. We saw him at temple square a couple weeks ago when we had our lesson with James. He asks us "Do you have the power?" We have to respond confidently "I got the power!" I love him though. He cracks me up. He came out with us last night to some lessons. 
The other day we were riding our bikes and these Samoans were like "Elders! Stop! Come eat." We told him we had somewhere to be and kindly said no thanks. Then like three more samoans came out and were like come eat. You don't reject an invitation to eat from Samoans. We go in the backyard and there is Samoans everywhere. They take us over to the food. There is one of the big coolers that is full of some kind of noodle stuff and they take a cup and just scoop it on a plate. They had like 3 pigs they roasted.They just piled food on our plates. Elder Bennett scooped up some food and one of the ladies was like "Elder! Why you eat so little?"  and scoops more food on his plate. It was so funny. 

Things are going great. Love you and miss you! :)

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