Monday, May 26, 2014

31 March 2014


The temple last week as super good. We missed our session so we had to wait an hour until the next one. So we did some initatories while we waited. I love the Draper Temple's celestial room. It was so great. The mission conference was super good. President Chamber's cousin climbed Mount Everest. So he came and talked to us. He had a slide show of pictures and told of the preparation and the journey. It related to missionary work so much. It was awesome. 
My birthday was really good. I had dinner with the Ardnt's. They had a son and daughter on a mission right now. They didn't make me a birthday cake because I didn't tell them it was my birthday. Brother Payne (one of our ward mission leaders) got me a whole bunch of candy and some socks. Then we were walking by some members who were having a bake sale. They said we could have something for free. I didn't have to tell them it was my birthday and I got free delicious cinnamon roll. I did tell them it was my birthday though and then they sang to me. Overall it was a good day…just another day. You asked me if I remember my birthday last year, I was thinking really hard and then I realized I wasn't at home last year for my birthday! I can't remember what my last birthday at home was like honestly. It's weird I don't really remember my past life (before the mission). I bought myself a personal sized cake. There is a place called Nothing Bundt Cakes. It is soooo goood! That is where I got my personal sized one. When it was Elder Munton's birthday a member bought a cake from there so we drove past on P-day and I was like I need to buy myself a cake from there! There a delish. Look it up online.

I'm glad to hear the Womens conference went well. I am so excited for General Conference. We aren't going to the conference center for it. Well maybe. We are going to ask one of our investigators because that bishop has some tickets. We'll see. Yeah I read that talk by Elder Funk before. It is super good. I haven't heard from Sister Simmons in a couple of weeks. So at the mission conference we had about an hour afterwards to have refreshments and talk with other missionaries. Elder Rae is a missionary in our mission. He is from Washington and actually knows Katie, they dated. I was talking to him a bit.. kind of awkward. It was funny though. 
I didn't get any birthday cards last week so I will probably get them today. Thank you in advance! 
I don't have much to say today. I love you and miss you. Oh I did get an email from Sister Stamm today. She forgot to email last week so I will get a cake this week. 

Love you!

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