Monday, May 26, 2014

12 May 2014

Hola Taco Bell!

The rest of our night went well last night. They fed us some delicious dinner. It worked out with skyping with their son. I am doing good today. Skyping and talking on the phone just isn't the same as talking in person. Elder Dean had a good visit with his family. How is grandma doing? 
I'm not sure what size shirt I wear. It would be kind of awkward to check right now in the library. Maybe I'll go buy some more today. 
We had our movie night on Friday. The table set up looked so good! The popcorn was so good. Everything went good except one thing. There was about 40 people there.. none of them were nonmembers or less actives! That was a little frustrating. Almost every member there we talked to though told us how they made invitations and tried to get people there. So atleast invitations are being made! 
We met this guy a couple of weeks ago who speaks Farsi. He is from Iraq or something like that. He speaks very little English so it was hard to communicate with him. We ordered a Persian Book of Mormon and gave it to him. We stopped by the next day to see if he had read from it. We had to have his nephew translate for us. He said he has been reading it and it reminds him of the Koran and he will keep reading it. It was pretty cool.
The other day we were talking to a guy and he said "Every time you speak with someone you leave a part of yourself". I think that is so true. So hopefully you leave a good part of yourself! 
I love you guys! It was good to see you yesterday! Have a wonderful day!

Love Elder Alpin

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