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25 March 2014


Usually what Sister Stamm does is send the missionaries an email and tell them to call her, but she never emailed me so I think she forgot. That is ok. I don't need cake. That is pretty funny about the banana story. I did get your email from last week.
Last Wednesday we gave a guy named Andrew a tour of the church building. It was the first time I've ever did one. It didn't go the best because he was kind of mad at us the whole time. He is YSA age so we referred the YSA elders to him. They stopped by his house. I guess he didn't like that too much. 
We just started teaching a guy named Shawn. We are going to give him a church tour on Friday. I'm excited. He seems interested. A couple of weeks ago I was on splits with Brother Molling. We were driving and he pulls over to talk to this guy (Shawn). Apparently just a week before Brother Molling had been on a walk and met Shawn outside so they talked. While I was with Brother Molling he asked Shawn if he minded if we (the missionaries) could stop by his house sometimes. He said sure! See how simple missionary work is!? It all starts with a simple invite. We met with Shawn on Sunday and invited him to be baptized. He said he wanted to take things one step at a time, but defiantly wasn't opposed. 
Things are starting to pick up. Elder Dean has a lot of good ideas and is a hard worker. He has been out 5 months. He is a twin. His brother is serving in the Denver Colorado South mission.
Saturday Kambree got baptized. She is the one we took to temple square a couple of weeks ago. Elder Munton came back for it. As much as we didn't get a long when we were companions, it was good to see him. He is in West Jordan now. I don't ever see Elder Needs. We never get together as a mission any more. We used to all the time when President Miller was the mission president. We actually have a mission fireside on Friday. I'm excited. It will be the first time the mission has gotten together since July 4. We are going to the temple today at 3. The Draper temple. I am excited. 
We talked with this awesome family. They are the Nielson's. They are super missionary minded. Their daughter is a beehive. There are three active beehives in that ward. And then they get 6 nonmembers to come. Either to church or mutual. 5 of the 6 nonmembers even have their own scriptures and have been reading and marking them. Many of these young women have been asked if they want to meet with the missionaries and they say no. We did a family home evening with them last night and they had one of the nonmembers there. They make member missionary work look so easy because it truly is. I haven't heard from Sister Simmons in a couple of weeks. Maybe I'll get a letter today from her. 
Last night we went by this family the bishop asked us to go by. They are all less active members. There is an 8 year old girl who isn't baptized and wants to be that lives there. We shared a message with them. It was the grandma, her granddaughter (the 8 year old) and the second cousin. We talked about trials and how we can overcome them. We asked them if they ever had trials they've had to overcome or something like that. The 8 year old girl talked about how her aunt had died, but it was ok. The grandma started crying and the spirit was really strong. Then we left. We were a little bit down the road when the second cousin came running after us. She is about 20. She stopped us and told us that she just wanted to say Thank you for not giving up on her family. It was pretty cool. It actually scared me because it was dark and this lady is like yelling at us and running after us. I didn't know who it was.
Have you guys heard about the Groaper? Apparently a guy on the campus of BYU goes around groaping women and they call him the groaper. We've been joking and laughing about that. Also this morning there was a mountain lion in our neighborhood. The schools were on lock down. I don't know if they have found it yet.. 
We haven't been riding bikes because Elder Dean's bike is getting fixed. 
Jacob 2:8. The word of God heals the wounded soul. Then the footnotes talk about the word of God being powerful. The primary song "scripture power" is true! That really stuck out to me though. I've been learning so many good things in the scriptures now. I love it! 
I can't believe I'm going to be 20. I feel like I just turned 19! I feel like I'm 17 still. I'm getting so old. before you know it I'll be married with 10 kids. Of course we have dinner plans. We have dinner plans every night. 
Yes I still exercise. I try to be obedient! 
Herre are some pictures! Enjoy. Loveyou! 

The first is someones door mat.
There is a park called bear park in our area so we had to get a picture with the bear.
This is from Kambree's baptism. That is her grandpa and mom.

Hola Dad!

Sorry to hear about all the sickness. That is no fun! I'm glad the Bishop visited you. He is doing his job! :)
This week I learned in the scriptures. Jacob 1: 10-11. The people loved Nephi because he protected them physically and spiritually. They thought very highly of his name. It made me think of all the different names we represent. Such as our family name, the church's name, Christ's name, the company you work for. Are we living a life where people remember our name for good? Just a thought.
I am doing really well. It has been warm, the work is picking up, Elder Dean is great. Nothing to complain about. 
That is a funny picture. Thanks!~

Love you!

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