Monday, May 26, 2014

26 May 2014

Sawadecup! Jambo! Talofa! Malolehleh! Heyson! Konechewa! Onahasayoh! Hola! Salam!
I've learned a lot of different ways to say hello. How are you today? I'm glad you had such a wonderful day at church. My day was pretty good too. I got your card today! Thank you! I enjoyed it. My ear still feels the same. I have a doctor’s appointment June 16 to get it checked out.
Memorial day is good thus far. No barbeque.
We went on exchanges this week. I'm grateful Elder Dean is my companion. He is a hard worker and we get along great. I think we'll probably get changed when transfers comes in like a week! #disappointing
As a mission we have a 31 day Atonement packet with different talks and scriptures for us to read. It is so awesome! I love it. There is so much to learn. 
My mind is going so blank! My week was good. Nothing too exciting.
I love you guys! 
elder Alpin

Hey Dad!
Thanks for the email. I enjoy hearing your wonderful testimony! I enjoyed the pictures you sent. That was forever ago! I was reading 2 Nephi 2 today. I love this chapter so much! It just makes the Fall and plan of salvation so much easier to understand. I love the plan of salvation so much. It is so beautiful!  

I love you.

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