Saturday, March 2, 2013

Unexpected call from Utah 3/2/13

     Well, since Matt was transferred from the MTC early this week he did not get a normal P-day and therefore did not email home, and as you can imagine we have not received any communication since the transfer.  As we went to the mailbox for the last 3 days, we found nothing and today Jamie really had her hopes up that we would get a letter.  Trying to remind  her that she has been the benefactor of 1 email and 4 letters in less than 2 weeks did not seem to do the trick.  She wanted to hear from Matt and repeated over and over during dinner and while grocery shopping that she really so wanted and expected to hear from him.
     So, as we were finishing our shopping her phone rang, it was a couple from Utah who just had Matt in their home and were so moved by the spirit to call his mom and tell her what a fine young man he was and how he was so focused on his mission.  Having had 2 sons on foreign missions in the past they knew how she must feel.  It was a call that only Heavenly Father could have prompted, one that gave tears of comfort to a mother that had been praying to know that her missionary son was in the hands of a Loving God!
     Thank you to the Brother and Sister who made that call!  God does answer prayers, I testify that he knows what we need and when we need it, then works his miracles through others.  May each of us have all that we need, we are so thankful for the blessing we receive each day.
This I say in the Holy name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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