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I Love Sundays! Email from Matt 3/4/13

From: Matthew Alpin
Jamie Alpin 
Mon, Mar 4, 2013 18:51:28 GMT+00:00
Re: I love Sundays !
Mother and Father!! Hello. It is so good to hear from you! It is so wonderful to hear that everything is going so well. Yes I got the forwarded message from Ryan and that is awesome!! 

So on Tuesday we left the MTC and went to the mission home and stayed the night. We had an interview with President Miller. That first night we went and knocked doors! It was actually pretty fun. Then we got our companions and stuff on the next day and I had a card waiting for me from you! Thank you! The address that you have will be the same address. We only get mail on Mondays and also that is our P-day. My companion is Elder Weight from Indiana. He is an awesome trainer. He is also now a district leader. We have a car and I get to drive. I guess we usually don't have a car in this area though. Its a really small area! We cover the South Jordan Parkway stake with nine wards. On Sunday we went to five of the wards and bore our testimonies in all five AND took sacrament three different times! I enjoyed it. We live in the basement of Sister Bell. She is an older lady and I love her! Oh guess what! I got pulled over on my second day! The first time ever!! My tail lights weren't on... So how crazy is it that I meet the one lady that is in your ward's brother! They have a foriegn exchange student that we were going to try to teach, but she is kind of nervous about meeting with us. It's crazy that that one guy called you!! I didn't think he was serious. AND you get picture text messages of me! Dinner is always delicious. I am definatley going to gain weight! We wake up at six not six thirty because we are over achievers. haha. So we had a lesson planned to teach our investigators like every night last week and they canceled every time! So finally yesterday I taught my first lesson and my mind went completely blank! 

I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and restored Christ's church to the Earth. I know the first vision happened. I know there is a need for a prophet today and that we have one. Don't let anyone ever try to tell you other wise!! Anyways Im running out of time and still have to email Alison. Love you all lots! Im glad your doing great. I'm doing great as well!
 Love you 

Elder Alpin :)
On Sun, Feb 24, 2013 at 8:00 PM, Jamie Alpin <jamiealpin@gmail.com> wrote:
Feb. 24, 2013
Oh my son my son!
I am so excited to write you!  This is the first time since Thursday, and feels like forever!
Today was our Ward Conference and it was wonderful!!!! Seen Pres. Clough today and he asked if you were writing and was able to tell him that yes we had heard from you 4 times and he was very pleased.  He also asked how you were doing and I was able to report that you sounded really good.
Along with our 2 Elders we now have 2 Sister Missionaries! The one came from Grand Blanc and the other was brought from Salt Lake she was serving on Temple Square, they were very nice.  The Elders wrecked their car a coulple weeks ago and its going to take a couple more weeks to get if fixed, so they are walking and riding bikes,and looking for rides.  We are going to have them over soon, I am working almost all closes this week, so looks like next week. 
We are doing a girls day on Friday and go to the Temple and out to lunch because I have it off!  I am so EXCITED!
I met a sister today that lives right across the street that is a member, she is married and in the military and so is her husband but he is in Iowa.  They have been apart for a year and she has come to church because she was less active  and has come back she is my age.  We talked for along time after church I think her and I might become friends.
I want to share with you a spirtual expeirence that I had.  Since you have left I have been studying the scriptures very intently and often, some days hour at a time.  I am loving it! The spirit is really with me during these times and they are really opening up to me.  Last week when I was preparing my lesson it was just easy....And this week as Im studying there are things that are coming up that is my lessson and then you tell me to read Acts 10 about Cornelluius.  When I went to do my lesson this week it was like a puzzle that came together.  I was done in like 20 min, and my understanding was opened and the Godhead that I tought last month and this month was Plan of Salvation and the Doctrine of Christ all came together!  It was awesome!  Im still a little bit in awe.  And so very thankful.
There were so many  things that I wanted to share and I cant think of them all.  I have been thinking about you ALOT!  Oh I just remembered one of the things.  Like i said Ive been thinking about you alot and praying that the Lord will comfort you so that you can do his work.  Today when Pres Seibold was talking we talked about us bearing our testimony with the spirit.  And he said that when the Missionaries teach its not them that are convincing...its the Holy Ghost which they have with them that carry the message to their investagaters spirit and testifies of the truth. (I'm really not saying this right....sorry).  That its just the simple heart felt message that really does it, and that their is some spirits that are just not ready.  Matt you will do great....because you have the desire to do the Lords work.  Even if it goes awful ! It will better .  Its not about you.....This is the Lords work and it will move forward, be obediant and be humble.
Well enought of the sermon.  I love you and I am so excited for your first area.  I hope you have an awesome trainer....you will!  You might have to figure him out first that's all.  Will you still get pday of Wed?  How long will it be before you know your new address?  Hopfully you'll get to email on wed.   bye for now

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