Monday, March 11, 2013

Picture & Email Home 3/11/13

Hello Hello Hello! How is your day going? Oh my goodness I'm sorry to hear about your fall! I will pray for you. This week has went by so fast! Guess what! Last Monday I invited my first person to be baptized and he said he wants to. Things have really picked up this week with teaching people. It has been pretty beautiful this week. Hey ask uncle Scott if he knows any Weights because my companion lives in Warren, Indiana and its in the Fort Wayne stake. This weekend the stake had a musical narration thing called the Apostle Project. We were trying to invite people to it. Yesterday we went to dinner at the Brown's. They are so awesome I love them. I guess for every holiday they go all out for dinner. And so we had a St Patrick's Day dinner with green food and drinks and Irish music playing in the background. They had to have it a week early because on Wednesday their daughter leaves for her mission to Orlando, Florida. Their neighbors just moved in and aren't active and they call the Brown's their crazy Mormon neighbors. Sister Brown was like "I don't know why they think that." The dinner explained it all. It was awesome though and their living room reminds me of the temple I love it. We had exchanges on Thursday and my companion went to a different area and I stayed in our area with Elder Williams. It was weird though because I kind of had to take the lead because it was my area. Elder Williams served here like 6 months ago so he knew the area pretty well which is good. I'm so excited for general conference! I don't get to go to the conference center. You have to be out a certain amount of time to go and I haven't been out long enough. It's funny when people ask me how long I've been out and I tell them and they're like oh my gosh! Your so new and green! Then they will ask where we are from. My companion will say Indiana and the person doesn't say anything and then when I say Michigan they are like "Oh so you're used to the cold." It's just funny because Indiana and Michigan are right by each other and have the same weather. From October general conference till April's we always have to wear our suit jacket so I'm excited for after general conference when I don't have to wear it anymore. Miracles are defiantly happening! In Ether 12:12 I really like that scripture. Miracles won't happen unless you have the faith that they will. Hey so since  you both have been pretty inactive during your lifetime what do you think an inactive person needs to hear to help them want to go back. We run into a lot of inactive people and I don't know what to say to them. I haven't taken hardly any pictures.. I don't know what to take them of.. I went to get one of us at the browns and my camera died! So this is from Elder Weights camera. Love you all lots!! :):) Send me pictures :)

This picture is of dinner at the Browns. :)


Elder Alpin

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