Tuesday, March 26, 2013

email to Mom 3/25/13

Hi. HI. HI. HI.
I enjoyed that package thank you! I got it last Monday. Yes I get mail after email. I told you that last week silly goose. You didn't send any mail!? Whaaaatt? Girl you crazy. I love getting mail. Happy Easter to you too! Missionaries are so cool. So many kids out here get their mission calls like every week. One kid we know got his to California. There is two families I like a lot. The Holtrys and the Holmes. They are just really cool people. We don't door knock all that often. Nothing crazy has happened. Teaching is going good. I have not given a talk yet. I think transfers are the week after conference. I feel like I'm going to stay here and I hope I still have my companion. In the weekly announcements they have missionary birthdays for the week so yes people know. We don't have any plans yet. We love your jokes! Easter we are having dinner with the Holmes. No Easter bunny!? Whaattttt. He doesn't just retire.

Here are two pictures. One of them is our district. So I bought some new pens that have caps, not the clicky kind. So I put it in my suit pocket with the cap off so it would be quicker to use. Then at the end of the day I take off my jacket and I have ink alll over my shirt and suit! I defiantly have to get it dry cleaned today! Love you all so much. Everything is great here. I went on some exchanges this week and am trying to work on being more BOLD and testifying more. Oh my goodness!! I met a brotha from Detroit! We were leaving an appointment and he was just coming to the door as we were leaving because he was selling reading material. We talked to him for like ten minutes. He is living in Provo, but we got his number. We are going to have missionaries get him baptized! Then! Let me just tell you how awesome my companion is. It was cold that day and a couple of hours we saw Ron again (that was the guys name). He was only walking and didn't have a very warm coat. So we stopped and my companion gave Ron his coat. He has another one though so don't worry. Anyways love you allllllllll BY. 


P.S. Will you guys send me pictures via mail of your beautiful faces and alison, ryan and his family, and andrew and his family. I need to brag about my nieces and nephew.s. THANKS 

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