Tuesday, July 29, 2014

email from Matt on July 28, 2014

Dear Family! 

We live with the Swensons. It is a 53 year old man who hasn't been married and his mom lives with him. They are so nice. He is a pharmacist. We live in their basement and have our own kitchen and stuff. It is really a nice house. We are starting to learn the area a lot better. I know it is Heavenly Father that is helping us to learn this area so quickly. 
Church was amazing yesterday! It was such a busy day. Literally the whole day was going from one meeting to another. Our stake president is President Howell. He is an awesome man and super serious about doing missionary work. We had a meeting with him yesterday morning with the rest of the stake presidency and the high councilor over missionary work. He talked about how embarrassed he is as stake for not providing more teaching opportunities for us to teach. He is on top of things. I really need to step up my game. We were in a gospel principles class and this lady told us she has a foster daughter who is 12 and really wants to be baptized. For some reason she couldn't before, but they met with the court people and now she can. So we are meeting with them tonight. Such a miracle! When you have faith, work hard, and are obedient God blesses you! There were quite a few members who came up to us at church and told us how they have people for us to teach!
We were running a little late yesterday morning. We walk outside and on our car someone took a car marker and wrote just married on the back window and hearts all over. It was pretty funny. We aren't sure who did it. We didn't have to time to clean it off before we went to church so it sat in the parking lot like that all day at church. 
So as a district leader we teach district meeting which we have every Tuesday. Last Tuesday was my first one as district leader. It went horrible! I don't have one tomorrow because we have zone conference. We also do baptismal interviews and I did my first one on Friday for the other Elders. 
Bob Strickland in my last area got baptized on Saturday. I went back for it. Elder Dean was able to come back to it too so it was nice to see him. Chris and Cindy were there. They still haven't heard word on if he can get baptized or not. Jesse was also there. I think I told you how her dad was in and out of the hospital. Well I guess last week her friend got murdered. So the other Elders really haven't been able to meet with her. She just needs to be baptized! She wants to so bad but all these troubles keep happening in her life. 
I think a lot of missionaries struggle with depression. I think at the beginning of my mission I struggled with it a little. I am doing great now though. I feel so blessed. I think I'm learning that when you put trust in God that great things happen! 
I've heard of that movie it sounds super good! I'm glad your visit with grandma went well! 
That is awesome about Cody! Mom you can do it! I know you. It won't come off strange or like you're selling something. You even said that he is looking for it, but he just doesn't know it, but YOU do. God has put him in your life for a reason! I'm excited to hear how it goes. 

I love you guys! Keep up the great work. 

Love Elder Alpin

email to Dad:
Hey! Yay on doing temple work for grandpa! Grandma is so cute I love her! 
There is a neighborhood in our area that is growing so quickly and there are so many young couples. They have two elders’ quorums because the classes are so big. 
How was priesthood session? I met a lady here that is in the other ward that meets in your guys building. I can't remember her name though. I forgot to write this in mom's email. Our stake president got us tickets for the rodeo they had in Bluffdale. We got permission from President Chambers and we went.  My first rodeo! It was fun. We were hoping to find some people to teach but everyone we talked to were members! 
I haven't got your pictures yet. I want to see them. I'll send some in a sec. I got my camera cord! 

Love you

Matt, Elder Dean and his old district
Elder Dean put Matt's name tag in Jello...yum!

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