Friday, February 22, 2013

Matt's letter, February 17,2013

Hi Mom & Dad!
I feel like I have been here forever!  I feel like I've felt so many emotions here.  There has been lots of ups and downs.  It's hard to explain in a letter.  We taught our first investigator twice now, it went horrible both times.  Right now I am senior companion.  On Wednesday my companion will be senior companion.  I love our district.  Our district leader, Elder O'Neal, reminds me of the tubby blonde kid from recess.  It's funny and he is pretty cool.  I am lying in bed right now, it's almost 11pm. I saw Jacen again and I saw Marshall!  Today we had a Sunday walk, it was so weird going outside the MTC.  We walked to the temple and back.  I can't wait for P-day to go to the temple.  Acts 10, read it.  Cornelius' faith is so amazing!  Sacrament meeting was so wonderful, our second counselor is Brother Hardy.  Sister Hardy, his wife, is amazing.  Anything she says the spirit is there.  Mom I hope your class is going well .  Remember Heavenly Father loves you both!  My companion and I get along alright.  Who knew serving a mission would be so hard?  I hope everything is going well.  I leave the MTC February 27.  We are taking a train to South Jordan.  Love you!  Elder Alpin

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