Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Letter Home Tuesday February, 19, 2013

Right now I am standing in line for DEVO(tional).  We had to get here super early or we would have to go into the overflow.  I've had a pretty good day thus far.  Today we taught a guy named Tunichi.  He was just acting, but it was still realistic.  Yesterday we were late for our first class.  Ok I feel like maybe I've already told you how I was late to like everything yesterday.  Anyways I need not complain.  Craig C. Christensen is the speaker at the devotional right meow.  I got your card mother & also dad's letter today.  AND! My package of  rice Krispy treats.  I had to wait like 3 days to pick up my package so I hope they are still good.  Hey so please don't send more food while I'm at the MTC.  I feel like I don't have time to eat it.  The only time I'm usually in my room is the morning and 9:30 pm.  We can't have food in the our classes which is where I spend most my time.  Gym time is good.  I usually walk on the track and do push ups and sit ups.  Yesterday we learned about how to begin teaching and how by going so can help our investigators feel the spirit in the first few minutes.  I'm sitting here now waiting for Devo to start.  Yesterday when we did our service which was cleaning our residence halls we wore normal clothes.  It felt so weird to wear not a suit!  The Rice Krispy treats taste wonderful.  Thank you so Much!  I Love ya'll so much!  Love Elder Alpin

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